András Simonyi

Ambassador András Simonyi is a Hungarian political commentator and former diplomat who knows President Viktor Orbán personally. Originally an admirer, Simonyi slowly realized Orbán’s responsibility for undemocratic trends in Hungary, leading him ultimately to become a vocal critic of Orbán’s government.

He has held some of the highest positions in the Hungarian diplomatic service including Hungarian Ambassador to NATO (1995-2001) and the U.S. (2002-2007).

Until 2018 Simonyi was Managing Director of the Center for Transatlantic Relations at SAIS Johns Hopkins University in Washington D.C. His focus was the “Nordic” countries, the renewal of diplomacy, transatlantic security and business. He is an outspoken supporter of democracy, equality and human rights. He has been a contributor to the Huffington Post and a regular commentator for The Hill

Simonyi has had a long professional career in diplomacy, international organizations, academia, and the private sector. He holds a PhD in Political Science, focusing his research on the use of soft-power and popular culture to create change in international relations. He is a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council.