Caroline Fourest

Caroline Fourest is a director, teacher, columnist, and the co-founder of the journal ProChoix.

She has written in Le MondeFrance Culture, Marianne, and Charlie Hebdo among other publications and is an esteemed essayist. Her works include Crossfire (a comparison between Jewish, Christian and Muslim fundamentalism), Brother Tariq (the doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan), Marine Le Pen UnmaskedIn Praise of Blasphemy (why Charlie Hebdo is not ‘islamophobic’), and The Genius of Secularism. She has received several awards for her writing, including the National «Laïcité» Award, the Political Book Award, the Jean Zay Award, the Condorcet-Aron Award, the Fetkann Award, and the Adrien Duvand Academy of Moral and Political Sciences Award.

After the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo Fourest attempted to show the magazine’s Mohammad cover on British television, only to be censored by Sky News. She has since received death threats for her work on Islamism and for signing the ‘Manifesto Against Totalitarianism’ alongside Salman Rushdie.

As a filmmaker, Fourest has directed over 20 documentaries and produced over 70 films about Muslim women’s voices worldwide. She won a Best Script award for a 2003 short film.

Her most recent film is Sisters in Arms, which tells of an international brigade of female fighters who join the Kurdish resistance to fight for Yazidi women.


Human Rights

Freedom of Expression and Defamation of Religion with Caroline Fourest, Mohamed Sifaoui, Floyd Abrams, Angela Wu, Patrick Gaubert, Brett Schaefer

A panel including scholar and practitioner of international religious liberty law, Angela Wu; Senior Research Fellow in International Regulatory Affairs for The Heritage Foundation, Brett Schaefer; expert on US constitutional law and freedom of speech, Floyd Abrams; director, teacher, columnist, and the co-founder of the journal ProChoix who has previously