Grace Kwinjeh

Grace Kwinjeh is a Zimbabwean journalist and human rights advocate. She was a key opponent of the Mugabe regime and photos of her badly beaten body went viral in 2007 after she was assaulted by ZANU-PF led riot police.

Kwinjeh has been published in a number of academic journals and in 2015 co-authored Peace Building: Conflict, Community, and Care alongside Liberia’s ex-President Sirleaf Johnson.

She was a member of the Zimbabwean Movement for Democratic Change [MDC] until 2020, when she resigned the post of representative to the EU to pursue further study.



Protecting Press Freedom and Internet Freedom with Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Nguyen Thanh Van, Grace Kwinjeh, Ilana Soskin

A panel including international lawyer and associate counsel at the International Criminal Court (ICC), Ilana Soskin; a Zimbabwean journalist, human rights advocate, and key opponent of the Mugabe regime, Grace Kwinjeh; prominent Venezuelan journalist and political activist, Miguel Angel Rodriguez; and French-Vietnamese exile journalist who was imprisoned by her government for association