Ilana Soskin

Ilana Soskin is an international lawyer and an associate counsel at the International Criminal Court [ICC]. She has been a member of the Paris bar since 2004 and holds a DESS in digital law.

In February 2021 Soskin was appointed President of the legal commission of LICRA, the international league against racism and antisemitism, in which capacity she regularly intervenes in defamation and insult cases.


Protecting Press Freedom and Internet Freedom with Nguyen Thanh Van, Grace Kwinjeh, Ilana Soskin, Miguel Angel Rodriguez

A panel including international lawyer and associate counsel at the International Criminal Court (ICC), Ilana Soskin; a Zimbabwean journalist, human rights advocate, and key opponent of the Mugabe regime, Grace Kwinjeh; prominent Venezuelan journalist and political activist, Miguel Angel Rodriguez; and French-Vietnamese exile journalist who was imprisoned by her government for association