Laritza Diversent

Laritza Diversent is a Cuban lawyer, journalist, and human rights defender. As Executive Director of the nonprofit Cubalex, Diversent provides legal assistance to Cuban citizens and advocates for human rights and democracy in Cuba.

In 2016, Cuban officials raided Cubalex headquarters to steal hundreds of documents and rescind the group’s work authorization. Just as Diversent was about to flee the country, authorities opened a case against her on absurd charges of breaking the law for giving legal counsel to civilians and barred her from leaving. Diversent and Cubalex now work in exile from the United States.

Diversent also contributes to the project “Translating Cuba,” which translates Spanish articles written by Cuban journalists into English. In this effort, she shares the truth about life under the oppressive government with a global audience.

In 2021 Cuban authorities warned Diversent’s mother that ‘she could end paying for her daughter’s work’. She continues to lead Cubalex.



Taking on the Cuban Regime with Laritza Diversent

Laritza Diversent, Cuban lawyer, journalist, and human rights defender who serves as Executive Director of the nonprofit Cubalex, addresses the 12th Annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy — see quotes below, followed by full prepared remarks. On lack of democracy in Cuba: “The judiciary does not exist.” “The