Nevşin Mengü

Nevşin Mengü is a prominent Turkish journalist, news anchor, and writer with a fearless conviction to uncover the truth.    

Known best for her insightful coverage of political events and issues, Mengü was a correspondent in Iran during the Green Revolution before returning to Istanbul where she grew her career as a writer and journalist. Working for several major news outlets in the country, she eventually became a prime-time news anchor for CNN Türk in 2011.  

Determined to report on the truth and call out oppression, Mengü was taken off the air in 2016 after making a minor correction on a claim made by President Erdoğan. She would subsequently be forced to resign from the network. The incident was not Mengü’s first tussle with the President and his supporters; she had criticized the President’s sexist remarks about women on social media.   

Not allowing the dismissal to discourage her from covering Turkey’s pressing socio-political issues, Mengü continued working as a journalist writing at BirGün Newspaper and the online publication Diken. She currently presents a weekly online news show on Youtube, amassing an audience of close to 500,000 subscribers. 



Erdoğan, Journalism & the Elections in Turkey with Nevsin Mengu

Turkish journalist dropped from CNN Türk after she criticized President Erdoğan, Nevşin Mengü  interviewed by journalist and former CNN producer Melissa Mahtani at the 15th Annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy – see below for the interview. Interview:  Melissa Mahtani  We have heard some incredibly powerful testimony from our last