Trung Tien Nguyen

Trung Tien Nguyen is a Vietnamese pro-democracy activist.

In 2006, Nguyen joined the Democratic Party of Vietnam and founded the Viet Youth for Democracy as a fourth-year university student. In 2009, he was arrested by the Vietnamese authorities, because of his political activities and dissent. He was sentenced to seven years in prison and three years of probation for allegedly “plotting to overthrow the government.” Thanks to pressure from the international community, Nguyen was released in 2014.

Since his release, Nguyen has tirelessly continued his activism, focusing on spreading democratic ideals to the people of Vietnam. He was nominated twice by the U.S. State Department to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program. Due to his activism, in 2023, he was forced to flee Vietnam and seek political asylum in another country.



Beyond Bars: A Story of Defiance and Hope with Nguyen Tien Trung

Vietnamese pro-democracy activist and former political prisoner, Trung Tien Nguyen, addresses the 16th Annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy – see below for his remarks. Full Remarks: Right now, as I stand here today, nearly 100 million Vietnamese people are suffocating under the Communist Party of Vietnam’s authoritarian