Paulina Neuding

Paulina Neuding is a Swedish lawyer and the European editor of Quillette. She is the co-founder of the Freedom Rights Project, and has written extensively on human rights and tolerance in The New York Times, Politico, Die Welt, The Jerusalem Post, the Weekly Standard, among others.

She lives in Stockholm, Sweden.



After Liu Xianobo’s Nobel Prize: The Situation of Human Rights in China with Yang Jianli, Paulina Neuding, Bahtiyar Omer, Ti-Ana Wang, Dechen Pemba

A panel including Chinese-Canadian dissident whose father, Wang Bingzhang, is a prisoner of conscience in China, Ti-Anna Wang; leading Chinese dissident and pro-democracy activist, Yang Jianli; Uyghur rights activist and Chairman of the ‘Norway Uyghur Committee,’ Bahtiyar Omer; Tibetan dissident and founder of ‘High Peaks Pure Earth,’ a website that