Polina Nemirovskaia

Polina Nemirovskaia is a former Director of Open Russia’s Human Rights Department.

Nemirovskaia has participated in the election campaigns of various Russian opposition leaders, including the now-imprisoned Alexei Navalny, and has been repeatedly detained by Russian police.

She specialises in protecting prisoners’ rights, and she has led rallies in support of prisoners – both political and criminal – and organised charity auctions in support of the “Bolotnaya case” prisoners.

As part of her research into the criminal justice system in Russia, she has worked in a district court and for several human rights organizations, though her primary organization Open Russia was listed as “undesirable” by Russian authorities in 2017 and forced to close in 2021.



Protesting Against Putin with Polina Nemirovskaia

Polina Nemirovskaia, a seasoned human rights campaigner in Russia and active player in the political campaigns of Boris Nemtsov before his tragic addition to the list of high-profile political critics of President Vladimir Putin assassinated for their dissent, addresses the 8th Annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy – see