Bahtiyar Omer

Bahtiyar Omer is a Uyghur rights activist and Chairman of the Norway Uyghur Committee. He has led protests for Uyghur rights outside Norway’s Parliament and been quoted in a number of publications, including Norway Today and Radio Free Asia.




After Liu Xianobo’s Nobel Prize: The Situation of Human Rights in China with Yang Jianli, Paulina Neuding, Bahtiyar Omer, Ti-Ana Wang, Dechen Pemba

A panel including Chinese-Canadian dissident whose father, Wang Bingzhang, is a prisoner of conscience in China, Ti-Anna Wang; leading Chinese dissident and pro-democracy activist, Yang Jianli; Uyghur rights activist and Chairman of the ‘Norway Uyghur Committee,’ Bahtiyar Omer; Tibetan dissident and founder of ‘High Peaks Pure Earth,’ a website that