Lyubov Sobol

Lyubov Sobol is a Russian lawyer, anti-corruption activist, and leader in the pro-democracy movement. In her role at The Fund to Fight Corruption, one of Russia’s largest civil society groups, she has investigated multiple cases that resulted in the cancelling of corrupt public solicitations. Aside from her legal work, Sobol is the general producer of “Navalny LIVE”, a YouTube channel with over one million followers that speaks out against the authoritarian regime of President Vladimir Putin. Her influence has sparked some of the biggest anti-government protests in recent years.

In 2019 she ran for a seat in the Moscow City Duma but was illegally removed from the ticket by government authorities. In protest, she went on a hunger strike while also helping other independent candidates, becoming a a powerful protest symbol and earning widespread recognition. In October 2019, Sobol was named by the BBC as one of the world’s 100 most influential women.

In 2021 a Moscow court sentenced Sobol to 1.5 years ‘restricted movement’ for her activism.



Rights in Russia with Lyubov Sobol

Lyubov Sobol, Russian lawyer, anti-corruption activist and leader of the pro-democracy movement, addresses the 12th Annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy — see quotes below, followed by full prepared remarks. On her election candidacy: “This past summer I ran for election in the Moscow City Duma.” “Independent, democratically